What Are The Common Menstrual Cup Folds?

You immediately picture using a sanitary napkin or a tampon when you think about your period, the one that occurs during your monthly cycle. However, a product known as a “menstrual cup” has been popular in recent times. What even is a menstruation cup? How should a menstrual cup be inserted and removed?

While this article would actually help you figure out the basic background of inserting a menstrual cup, it will offer you tips and tricks on how you can make it easier!

One of the most searched agenda regarding menstrual cups are the menstrual cup folds. According to most, these are shapes and turn arounds that you make out of your menstrual cup for insertion to be made possible and easier.

Not everyone has a struggle to do this, of course. So before we hop on to the kinds of menstrual cup folds, let us first demonstrate the basic way of inserting a menstrual cup.

Inserting A Menstrual Cup

Verify that your cup’s air ports are open at the top. sanitize your hands. Carefully wash and rinse your menstrual cup. Make yourself comfortable; you can put the cup in while seated, standing, or crouching. Spreading your legs will aid in a pleasant and successful insertion. Relax. Fold the cup in half to create a C shape and then in on itself to make it flat. Keep it coiled up and insert it with a vaginally rim first. Slide a clean finger up to the cup’s bottom and feel it; the bottom should be circular to indicate that the cup has fully expanded. Throughout your menstrual cycle, from days with heavy to days with mild flow, you can wear a lunette.

Removing A Menstrual Cup

Wash your hands, then calm down. Grab the cup’s base firmly. Squeeze the cup’s base to break the seal. Make sure you’re not pulling it out by just grasping the stem. Pour everything into the bathroom. Reuse and rinse. Before and after your cycle, as well as after emptying, everything should be cleaned. Rinse in cold water first, then wash in hot water to prevent odor and discoloration.

Menstrual Cup Folds

Sometimes, the basics just do not work. You need a little help, tips, trick to get the work done. As to why, menstrual cup folds are introduced. Here are the most commonly used menstrual cup folds for a faster and smoother menstrual cup insertion:

C or U Fold

c or u fold

The cup should be flattened by pinching the sides, then folded in half to resemble a “C” or “U.” The most typical menstrual cup fold, which opens more softly than the “push down” fold, is advised for beginners.

Punch Down Fold

Punch Down Fold

This fold frequently works well for people who have trouble getting their menstrual cup to open because it springs open when inserted. To utilize the punch down technique, hold your menstrual cup in one hand and push one side of the rim down inside the cup with the index finger of your other hand. To keep the fold in place, pinch the rim’s sides together.

7 or Double 7 Fold

7 fold

You want to get your cup into the shape of the number seven to use this technique. Pinch the cup’s rims together to flatten it. Once the cup is shut, move one end of the rim diagonally to the opposing side to create the number 7. The 7 fold method’s steps are the same for the double 7 fold. The cup will then be turned around, and the second top corner will be brought diagonally down toward the center of the opposite side of the cup.

Origami Fold

origami Fold

Fold one cup corner diagonally over the rim of the cup that has been pressed halfway down the interior of the cup.

S Fold

s fold

To create the ‘S’ shape with the cup, pinch the sides of the cup together to close or flatten it, then take the two sides of the cup (while still closed) and push them in opposite directions to create an ‘S’ shape when looking at the cup from the top.

M, E, or Squiggle Fold

M or E fold

Pinch one side of the rim of your cup together to form a bulb-like shape, then press the bulbous portion of the cup down to form a “T,” moving each edge of the T to cover the centerfold. This is often referred to as a “E-fold” or a “squiggle.”

Diamond Fold

Diamond Fold

Close the cup’s center with a pinch. To create a “O,” pull the rim of one cup side open over the middle that has been compressed. Bring the ‘O”s opposing sides together so they overlap and take the form of a diamond.


If you can fit your menstrual cup with no problems, lucky for you. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same experience. Dealing with menstrual cups can be a little worrying given that it’s a bit more sensitive compared to napkins and tampons. Furthermore, it comes a little bit more sensitive than the others. Given that a woman’s vagina does not necessarily open unless for childbirth, inserting anything inside can be a little hassle. Menstrual cup folds are necessarily made to make the insertion of menstrual cups a lot easier. You may choose any menstrual cup fold from the choices above.

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