What does sperm motility mean?

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What does sperm motility mean?

Fertility difficulties affect 10-15 out of every 100 couples, and they can arise for a variety of causes, including poor sperm count, sperm production, and sperm motility, which refers to how the sperm travel. In reality, 2% of men throughout the world have inadequate sperm parameters, which implies their sperm are impacted by one of the three situations listed above.

What is motility?

When you ejaculate your sperm’s ultimate mission is to find and fertilize an egg which is found on your partner’s fallopian tube. 

Sperm are referred to as the  “little swimmers” and that best describes their journey towards a woman’s fertile egg.  To escape the acids contained in a woman’s anterior vagina, sperm must swiftly transit through the cervix after entering her vagina. They go via the cervix, the uterus, and into the fallopian tubes, where they may encounter and fertilize an egg. Sperm must move at a pace of 25 micrometers per second to complete this voyage. When you have sperm motility issues, your sperm may:

Your physician will perform some exams to determine motility problems and if they find that fewer than 40% of your sperm move properly,  therefore, they will diagnose a motility problem. To improve sperm motility, one can make the following modifications to their lifestyle:

The underlying cause is treated. Many men have found that taking folic acid will help them increase their sperm motility rate. Studies have shows that folic acid improves sperm motility (movement).However, only use these supplements after getting permission from your doctor. Regular activity keeps the body fit, which lowers the chance of sperm motility problems. Low sperm motility can be reduced by maintaining a healthy body weight. To improve sperm motility, limit your exposure to cell phones and laptops. Reducing your alcohol use and stopping smoking completely might be a beneficial option because it not only improves your sperm motility but also boosts your sperm count.

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