Best Sex Positions For Menstrual Cramps

Some things are good on the first try, better on the second, and best as it repeats. However, redundancy can be a little boring. When you tackle sexcapades, you have to turn things up for them to be constantly steamier. No matter how fun it is, exploring new sets of techniques and shenanigans while having sex gives many things: chances of pregnancy, stimulation, developing more kinks or fetishes, and there are even sex positions for menstrual cramps.

Sex is not restricted as long as it is consensual. Whether your partner has a period or not, as long as you both know you are medically checked and it’s safe to get in the go, no worries. If the mood calls for it, you go get it. Precautions, however, should remain watched in compliance with healthy and safe sex along with family planning (including not planning for a family).

We support your goal to make everything easier and steamier. This article will show you sex positions you must definitely try in any given day! Hereinafter will also be sex positions for menstrual cramps. Find out what suits you and your partner best.

Missionary Position

Missionary Position

In the missionary position, also known as the man-on-top position, a woman often lays on her back with a man on top of her as they face each other and have sex through the vagina. The position may also be utilized for anal sex or other types of sexual activity. Although it is frequently used by same-sex couples, it is also frequently linked with heterosexual sexual behavior.

Although it is the most prevalent, the missionary position is not always seen as the most desired one. Its penile-vaginal aspect is an illustration of ventro-ventral (front-to-front) reproductive activity, and it may involve sexual penetration or non-penetrative intercourse (for instance, intercrural sex). Different positions allow for different levels of clitoral stimulation, penetration, and participation on the role of the woman, depending on the speed of orgasm.

Cowgirl Position

While you move and work on your enjoyment in the cowgirl position, you may watch your partner’s face, the way his body moves, and the pleasure he is experiencing. Many sex positions are awkward, cause cramping, and other problems. However, a cowgirl offers the precise depth of penetration and angle that provide painless fulfillment. This sex position is reported to frequently induce orgasms because it permits just the right amount of clitoral simulation. It’s simple and even a little bit quicker to get to the climax and experience an orgasm. You are free to grind as much as you like while flaunting your abilities and moves. The pleasure of your lover is also under your control.

Spooning Position

Spooning Position

The spoon’s posture, often known as spooning, is a snuggling method. The name refers to how two spoons can be placed side by side with their bowls aligned. One type of rear-entry position is the sexual spoons position, while the other is the doggy-style position. One of the “basic four” sex positions has been referred to as the spoons position. One person sleeps on one side with their knees bent while the other partner presses their front against their back in the spoon cuddling position. There is no requirement for two persons to be in the spoons position.

One person sleeps on one side with their knees bent while the other partner presses their front against their back in the spoon cuddling position. There is no requirement for two persons to be in the spoons position. In the sex position, the penetrator is in the outer spoon position in preparation for rear-entry penetration, while the receiving partner is in the inner spoon position. For penetration, the partners can place their legs on top of one another and divide their upper bodies, connecting only at the pelvises. To make penetration easier, the receiving partner may elevate the upper knee.

The entering partner can touch the woman’s stomach while engaging in heterosexual sexual activity, as well as her breasts, the back of her neck, her ears, and her clitoris. The woman can stimulate her own clitoris or her partner’s scrotum. The front of the vagina is also stimulated by the penis, as is a region that is sometimes referred to as the “G-spot.” This might be the ideal posture from which to stimulate this area, along with the doggie position.

The couples can either lie face to face on their sides in this posture or adopt the scissors position. In this position, anal sex and vibrator use are both possible.

Dogstyle Position

Dogstyle Position

Doggy style refers to a sex position when the penetration ist kneels or stands behind the target partner. Doggy style is most commonly used when the recipient is on all fours. If it doesn’t work, though, adjustments can be done to make it more enjoyable for both you and your companion. The recipient must kneel on all fours to adopt the basic doggy pose. The penetrator then approaches from behind the victim and inserts their penis into the vagina or anus. The most comfortable position may require considerable tweaking for certain folks. The recipient can also lay flat on their stomach as an alternative. In this posture, placing a pillow under the hips might create a relaxing angle.


While all that is mentioned above are great sex positions when you are menstruating, a tip that you can truly use is: You may allow your body to rest in the posture that is most pleasant for menstrual cramps while still allowing you to enjoy sex by lying on your side with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle.

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